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Since 1990, PULZ has been engaged in the production and sale of hanging systems for plasterboards and over the past 10 years, besides its main focus, it has also grown to be a major supplier in the following areas:


  • Plasterboard accessories
  • Suspended system for mineral ceiling "cassette ceiling"
  • Accessories for thermal insulation systems
  • Other accessories


Quality, communication and flexible service are our main philosophy, which is evidenced by the fact that up to 95% of our clients have become our regular consumers. PULZ products are now exported to the 18 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.



GripIt® Plasterboard Fixing
The worlds ultimate plasterboard fixing.

The GripIt® plasterboard fixing has uniquely designed slim gripping wings that fold out in the gap behind the plasterboard and produce a secure and effective fixing making it the worlds ultimate plasterboard fixing.

The product has been designed for use with all types of plasterboard installations and is 100% reusable and renewable.


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